Schooling for Artists


Continuing to Experiment

Artists are taught many different mediums when they begin to study their craft. They are taught drawing, painting, sculpting and working with clay. Although not all artists master each of these disciplines, they at least have a working knowledge of them. This is important because it gives artists a way to stretch their creative muscles. Artists have long been a group that has experimented in their search for creating their pieces.

Any artist will experiment with different styles within a medium. Painters will work on pieces that are very realistic, such as portraits. They may then decide to paint a mythical creature they experienced in a dream. This is common for artists who continue to find new ways to express themselves. They branch out and see what works best for each creation rather than trying to force everything to be represented in only one style or medium.

Many artists have worked in several different mediums. Michelangelo is an excellent example of creative endeavors in different art styles and categories. He began his career with The Pieta, a work that is still cherished today. He carved Mary holding her son, Jesus, out of marble. This was done while he was still very young. He later was commissioned to create the famous paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Because of his fame in both of these mediums, his work is still an example to artists learning their craft today.

Artists do not settle for one style or medium. If they do, their works do not evolve and grow in popularity. Artists are creative and their expressions often take many forms. It is important for artists to continue to learn and explore new forms of expression. Even an accomplished artist will take time out of their busy schedule to take a class on a new method or style of creation. This willingness to learn new techniques keeps their art fresh.